London Business Pioneers

London never sleeps, and neither, it seems, do the big thinkers and innovators living and working here. Meet some of the hot new start-ups that make this a city like no other.

Frances McMonagle

Patch plants: how to grow a British start up with investment

Patch is a friendly and engaging website which aims to make buying and growing plants, both indoor and outdoor, easy, convenient and fun. See how they started.

Frances McMonagle

Partner power: The smarter way to boost your business growth

Shooting People is a business built on connections. A network of independent filmmakers, it’s founded on the knowledge that the best way to make exceptional films is by learning from others, and that strategic partnerships (such as one with Zipcar) can benefit businesses and creatives alike.

Frances McMonagle

Cleaner air for cleaner Cities

The Government has brought in a new Clean Air Strategy. It’s a great step in tackling pollution, but how will it affect your transport options?

Frances McMonagle

Time to get flexible: The rise of the Freelancer

Freelancer Club is dedicated to helping creative freelance talent achieve their goals, find jobs promote your work and get support. Watch to see Krithika’s story.

Frances McMonagle

The Rise of the Social Enterprise

More companies are prioritising social need over profit – and shaking up the business world

Frances McMonagle

The Contribution of Small Businesses

Small businesses do big things. We look at an award that celebrates their contribution

Frances McMonagle

The ingredients for success: Why having an agile business pays off

The food industry is a notoriously hard industry to get into – and an even harder one to make it in the long term. Catering business Food by Toby work hard to be reactive and stay on their toes with food trends, interesting clientele and fresh ideas.

Frances McMonagle

Let them eat cake (and bread): how talented staff are key to best bakes

Martin Hardiman and his crack team of bakers create artisan bread and pastries for independent cafes and restaurants across the city. See how they started – and how his team are at the heart of the business’ success.

Emily Taylor

How sustainability startups are changing the way we think about waste

Not all startups are developing apps and other tech. Meet the businesses committed to disrupting the way we think about waste.