London Business Pioneers

London never sleeps, and neither, it seems, do the big thinkers and innovators living and working here. Meet some of the hot new start-ups that make this a city like no other.

Frances McMonagle

Let them eat cake (and bread): how talented staff are key to best bakes

Martin Hardiman and his crack team of bakers create artisan bread and pastries for independent cafes and restaurants across the city. See how they started – and how his team are at the heart of the business’ success.

Emily Taylor

How sustainability startups are changing the way we think about waste

Not all startups are developing apps and other tech. Meet the businesses committed to disrupting the way we think about waste.

Matt Farrelly

Why the real innovation awards celebrate failure and determination

No one sets out in business aiming to fail. But failure can actually be an important stepping stone on the road to true, lasting success.

Emily Taylor

The women behind the brand: Birdsong’s makers

In the previous features, you’ve heard all about Birdsong and seen them in action through their pop-up store. In this article we’re covering the main link we’ve missed: the makers.

Vrinda Guha

Fighting Food Poverty in London with The Felix Project

There are 8.4 million people in the UK who are struggling to afford food, and it’s becoming worse and worse. But when 1.9 million tonnes of food is wasted by the food industry every year in the UK – of which 250,000 tonnes are still edible – something needs to be done.

Frances McMonagle

Building the modern curry house

Meet one of the first vegan retailers in London: SpiceBox. Always slightly ahead, their founder Grace Regan talks honest food, tech startups, and the increasing importance of knowing customers personally.

Katie Spillane

Making electric vehicles the everyday

One of the biggest challenges to the mass adoption of electric vehicles is making charging easy and cost-effective for home owners and businesses. EO Charging are taking on that challenge. We chatted to their Head of Marketing Miles Freeman about changing cities and mindsets, and their role in the electric vehicle revolution.

Sophie Slater

Sustainable style takes to the streets

Sophie from Birdsong tells us about their latest collaborative concept store in Hoxton, and why online brands need to jump offline once in a while.

Emily Taylor

Ethical fashion: Remodelling the industry

Seeing government funding cuts to women’s group support, online retailer Birdsong are empowering local communities by harnessing their creative skills – and creating beautiful clothing in the process.