London Business Pioneers

London never sleeps, and neither, it seems, do the big thinkers and innovators living and working here. Meet some of the hot new start-ups that make this a city like no other.

Emily Taylor

Making London Blooming Beautiful

London based florist, The Urban Flower Firm (TUFF) have grown a well-respected reputation for bringing innovative and creative floral displays to events and corporates throughout the city.

Frances McMonagle

History Bombs take a trip through time

Meet History Bombs, the guys getting kids back into history by creating witty videos and resources that make learning fun, with topics from Medieval England right through to the World Wars and twentieth century life.

Norbert Toth

Sustainability: A revolution in UK craft beer

Tired of the industry’s lack of environmental standards, and inspired by the US, Forest Road Brewing Company are taking sustainability into their own hands.