Sustainable style takes to the streets

Sophie from Birdsong tells us about their latest collaborative concept store in Hoxton, and why online brands need to jump offline once in a while.

"This is the fifth pop-up shop we’ve done – including one out in Berlin. The way we run our brand is mostly online, but we would eventually love our own shop. Given that rents are so high, it’s a big commitment, so we see pop up shops like this one as little experiments for the future. Through this we’ve found that that Hoxton works really well for us - it's actually the second time we've come back to this space. Shops like this are the best way to engage with our customers: we get feedback from our products and get to collaborate with other brands. Our events tie it all in together which makes the brand a bit bigger. 

This shop features lots of different designers. We love working with complimentary brands because it adds to our feel - there are some things that we can't offer and when we want people to shop ethically and buy from small brands, it makes sense to champion those other small brands besides ourselves. In terms of the shop here, the other brands liven everything up and mean that there's something for everyone. We're championing a lot of young designers, brands that are run by women and people of colour.

Susanna (Head Designer at Birdsong) has designed Birdsong’s main print this season – the one that’s on the posters and our key pieces. She’s project managed it from scratch, and I think it's definitely our favourite's collection so far. It's got a custom print and the fabric is hand woven by women's cooperatives in India, so each thread, each weft is individual. Throughout the whole process, the clothes have been created by amazing women who were paid fairly from the very fabric, to the cut and sew, which most brands would struggle to say. We’re really proud of the progress that we’re making here."

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Sophie Slater
At the age of 23 Sophie co-founded Birdsong, with specialisms and interests in feminism, sustainability and mental health. Sophie and the team at Birdsong are on a mission to create positive change in the fashion industry, whilst providing support to existing women’s charities.

Date published: 27 June 2018


With a mantra of ‘no sweatshop, no Photoshop’, Birdsong is an emerging fashion brand with ethical and feminist principles at its core. Birdsong revolutionise the way we shop, by sourcing their products from a variety of women’s organisations. Their founders Sarah and Sophie, are targeting their generation of millennials who want to look great, but not at any cost.

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