Time to get flexible: The rise of the Freelancer

Self-employment has risen dramatically in the past few years with a 31% annual rise in people looking to turn freelance in 2018 (Simplybusiness.co.uk). The UK economy is becoming increasingly reliant on the freelance workforce, with sectors like the creative industry being at the forefront of this change.

After having children and wanting a change in career, Krithika wanted to work for herself and joined Freelancer Club to post and find projects to work on with other creatives.

Sustainable lifestyle

Sustainability is a hot topic right now and rightly so; businesses and consumers alike are much more aware of their impact on the world and how they can take steps to change it. Being a sustainable stylist, Krithika looks for sustainable alternatives in her shoots and everyday life. By having the option to use an electric vehicle to get around it has allowed her to continue using products that fit her values.

Collaboration is key

It’s hard to get a group of people together at the same time and place, so not having to worry about getting from A to B saves a lot of hassle - and time - for Krithika. Zipcar has helped take some of the stress away from organising such a large group of people in shoots, so she can focus on getting the most out of the models and space. That means she can make the most of the energy she gets when working with other freelancers and helps the rest of the group to make the best project possible.


How are freelancers at Freelancer Club using Zipcar for Business?
Current plan: Pay as you drive – One-way trip by reserving in the app on the day with fuel (charged battery), insurance and maintenance all included. Vehicle: VW e-Golf Cars taken off the road: Freelancer Club users using Zipcars can work on projects that require larger kits and that are further afield. Most freelancers use Zipcars in conjunction with public transport, being able to pick up a vehicle as and when they need it gives them the flexibility to pick and choose depending on the project.
Find out how Zipcar for Business could help to reduce unwanted admin
Frances McMonagle
Originally from “Up North“, since moving to London a few years back Fran has made it her mission to make the most out of living in the city. She can usually be found with a green tea, coffee or cocktail in hand busy taking far too many photos.

Date published: 5 August 2019

Freelancer Club

Freelancer Club is dedicated to helping creative freelance talent achieve their goals, find jobs promote your work and get support.

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