Creating London’s shared future

We want Londoners to love their city, and we want to do our part in helping prepare it for its future ahead. That’s why we put Londoners in the driver’s seat and commissioned research to find out what people really want for their city’s future. We ended up with Challenge London, a report that looked at Londoners’ views and experiences of living and working in our capital.

The report gave us some really interesting results. We saw that the top concerns looking forward were about worsening air pollution and congestion, along with housing. But cars still remain the fifth most popular way to get around the city.

Practically, we know that cars are still needed, whether it’s in transporting luggage, taking the little ones to school, or just getting to an awkward place at an awkward time. Public transport, cycling and walking can’t cover it all. So how do we do this sustainably?

The solution involves a change in the way we think about cars, where Londoners make the transition from car owner to car sharer.

With this in mind we wanted to make the transition easier, so we launched Zipcar Flex. It allows you to travel one-way as well as doing round-trips, to make it all that bit more convenient. We’re also expanding our services to more boroughs across London, so that Londoners can switch to car sharing with confidence. Take a look at what’s in store for London >
Emily Taylor
Emily looks after Consumer Marketing for Zipcar, leading on our promotional campaigns and marketing communications. When she isn’t developing her passion for creating content, she spends weekends judging the UK’s ability to make decent coffee (we forgot to mention she’s Australian) and obsessing over dogs she doesn’t own.

Date published: 17 May 2018

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