New Transport Solutions

Whether their expanding services, accelerating deliveries, or simply keeping their people moving, here's a collection of stories from businesses working to drive their business forward

Emily Taylor

How Millennials Are Making Cities Greener

Millennials, the catch-all term for those reaching adulthood in the early 21st century, are a much-maligned bunch. They’re overly sensitive, some say, or overly hostile. They’re addicted to technology, hedonistic, vain. Type “millennials are” into Google, and your suggestions will include “lazy”, “stupid” and “boring”.

Emily Taylor

How Blockchain is Making Our Cities Smarter

Blockchain is inextricably linked to Bitcoin. In fact, it was invented as a method of recording transactions made with the crypto-currency. But as awareness of the technology grows and it develops new capabilities, its applications are spreading far beyond virtual money.

Katie Spillane

How to Create a Sustainable Transport System

Transport is key when it comes to creating sustainable, “smart” cities that can withstand the challenges of population growth and rapid urbanisation, while minimising environmental impact.

Emily Taylor

The New Urban Agenda and What it Means for Us

The world’s cities are expanding, booming—and could become fit to burst.

Currently, cities cover just two per cent of the earth’s land surface yet are home to more than half of the world’s population.

Norbert Toth

How Smart Cities Will Help Grow Business

With the move towards smart cities continuing to gather pace, many of us could soon be living in “Cyberville”. Developing urban areas where sensors collect data from people and devices helps governments and local authorities to more efficiently manage resources.

Katie Spillane

What Is Maas And Why Will It Be So Important?

The way we move is changing, and fast. More of us already take on-demand mobility for granted, whether we’re catching a ride via Uber or Lyft, using city bikes, or grabbing a car only when we need it via the Zipcar app.

Katie Spillane

How to Develop a Zero-Carbon City

The idea of a city without exhaust pipes might seem like a pipe dream. But many architects and developers are working with governments to go even further, creating cities that run entirely on renewable energy, with the goal of having zero carbon emissions.

Emily Taylor

Planes, Trains and Automobiles: How Transport is Turning Electric

The future is green—at least when it comes to transport. With the UK government’s plan to ban all petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040, more customers and business owners are turning to electric and plug-in cars.

Katie Spillane

Is London Struggling to Adopt Electric Vehicles?

Electric vehicles look revved up to take over the road, with an annual rise in registration of 27 per cent in 2017. Experts at Go Ultra Low, a joint government and commercial campaign to raise awareness of EVs, predict that a further 60,000 could be registered in 2018, bringing the UK total close to 200,000.