Inspirational podcasts for the small business entrepreneur

Make the most of your time – download an informative, business-focused podcast to listen to while you travel.

Fortunately, there is a huge range of entrepreneur and business-focused podcasts out there. Whether you want to understand the climate you’re operating in, get to know your market better, or learn more about marketing and SEO, there is something for you. 

Here’s our pick of the most practical, inspiring and advice-filled podcasts to download.

Stay on top of the markets you sell in

Evan Davies’ straightforward BBC production, The Bottom Line, tackles a host of small-business-related issues. The BBC economics expert tackles macro-level global economic topics, such as the plastics debate or Brexit as well as sector-specific issues, like the future of magazines or factors affecting the super-premium drinks sector. Business-management buzzwords are also on Evans’ agenda such as franchising, advertising or pivoting. 

Second up, is a slightly more rebellious BBC offering – The Disrupters, hosted by tech-obsessed former Downing Street Advisor, turned journalist, Rohan Silva and the Editorial Director of BBC News, Kamal Ahmed. The aim is to tell the stories of the most successful entrepreneurs – and, by doing so, to capture the ups and downs of building a business.  A recent edition features Comptoir Libanais Founder, Tony Kitou telling his compelling story – the restaurateur arrived in the UK with just £70 in his pocket at the age of just 18...

British start-up stories

Another inspiring British offering is Start-up Stories, from the Financial Times. The FT’s Jonathan Moules chats to entrepreneurs about unusual topics, such as giving birth during a funding round and rebuilding a reputation in the face of bankruptcy.

If you’re interested in local stories, why not try Emma Jones’s podcast, The Small Business SessionsThe Enterprise Nation founder speaks to entrepreneurs and experts about starting and growing a successful business in the UK. Episode titles range from: Can artificial intelligence really transform your small business?  to more general topics, like: The tax revolution you need to know about.

The British bulldog 

There is one UK entrepreneur who has really grasped the podcast medium by the horns, Rob Moore, known more widely as The Disruptive Entrepreneur (also the name of his podcast).

Moore is all about winning. His recent interviews have included former SAS soldier, TV star & author of Break Point, Ollie Ollerton, and ex-Navy Seal & author of Can’t Hurt Me, David Goggins.  Extreme role models aside, The Disruptive Entrepreneur also deals with the softer side of the workplace, with episodes such as Work-Life Balance (Can it Really Be Achieved?), and the practical aspects of business management. Tune in to podcasts such as How to Dominate Social Media: The 5 Stages Detailed; Caffeine Cast: How Important is it Really to Have a Mentor.

Learn from the masters, across the pond

Want to learn how the big names did it? If it’s the inspirational start up stories behind Netflix, Google and Starbucks you’re after then check out Masters of Scale – where LinkedIn founder and legendary Silicon Valley investor, Reid Hoffman, interviews the big name CEOs and founders.  Or, and very much in the same vein, what about NPR’s How I Built Thiswith Guy Raz. Raz is one of the most exciting podcast hosts out there, having interviewed more than 6,000 people over his media career. A huge 14 million listeners download or stream How I Built This each week, eager to learn how the CEOs of high profile companies, such as such as Instagram and Airbnb, built their businesses.

Tim Ferris’ stratospherically successful podcast, The Tim Ferris Show often hits the top spot on the iTunes chart and was the first business podcast to pass 100,000,000 downloads. Ferris’s interviews focus on the tactics, tools and routines employed by top entrepreneurs and performers to reach their goals – think exercise habits, time-management hacks and sources of inspiration. 

Get a female perspective

Many business owners struggle with the isolation of remote working, and the intimidating process of setting up your business as a one-man- (or woman) band. This is where the One Girl Band podcast comes in. Struggling with loneliness, Lola Hoad connected with other solo-entrepreneurs on social media and began hosting meet-ups in Brighton. OGB Space, a co-working space, was launched, and the podcast followed. Lola, whose audience is predominantly female, covers a range of work/life balance topics, from confidence and self-care to content marketing and goal setting strategies.

Another female small business champion, who has recently dipped a toe into the world of podcasts, is Mary Queen of Shops, or Mary Portas. On Work Like a WomanPortas interviews figures from Greggs CEO Roger Whiteside OBE (who she quizzes about the alpha management culture) to novelist and journalist, Elizabeth Day, who opens up about failure.

Whatever your preference, it’s time to get downloading – why waste travel time when you could be expanding your mind, and your business.

Frances McMonagle
Originally from “Up North“, since moving to London a few years back Fran has made it her mission to make the most out of living in the city. She can usually be found with a green tea, coffee or cocktail in hand busy taking far too many photos.

Date published: 17 September 2019

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