Optimising Your Business

Brush up on the hacks that can help you run your business smoother, deliver faster, and drive profits.

Norbert Toth

6 reasons why new businesses fail—and what you can do about it

Starting a new business is never easy. Growing, scaling up and maintaining momentum can be even harder, and sometimes feel impossible.

Matt Farrelly

How Tech Is Transforming the Workplace

Tech has changed the way we live. We connect to others differently—a social media ‘friend’ or ‘contact’ may well be someone we’ve never met—and we live differently, too: with a few taps of the smartphone, we may find ourselves climbing into a stranger’s car, or arranging to sleep in a stranger’s bed for a couple of nights.

Emily Taylor

What Black Friday 2018 Means for the Changing Retail Industry

Browse the headlines over the past 18 months and it becomes clear that British retail is in a difficult place. Figures published by the British Retail Consortium showed that retail in the United Kingdom had suffered its worst January for sales since 2013. Commentators described a gloomy state of affairs on the high street. It seemed everyone agreed that the so-called retail apocalypse was claiming its first victims.

Matt Farrelly

Every Little Counts: Small, Simple Steps to Make Your Business More Sustainable

With endless financial demands on business owners, it can seem a little overwhelming to keep up with sustainability targets. Luckily, being green is easier than you might think.

Matt Farrelly

How the Sharing Economy is Enabling Smarter Working

What started as a way to make cash from renting a spare room has become an unstoppable revolution. The so-called sharing economy, pioneered by companies such as Airbnb and Lyft, is continuing to disrupt traditional transactions.

Matt Farrelly

Is Remote and Flexible Working the Smarter Choice for Companies?

Working from home was once considered a rare perk, and probably meant dialling into a crackly conference call while still wearing pyjamas.

Norbert Toth

Essential Mobile Apps For Small Businesses

Small businesses need flexibility and the freedom to work on the move. Thankfully, there’s an app for that – in fact, there are thousands.